Hawaii Tourism: Top Hawaii Attractions On Maui, Big Island and More

Rising from the Pacific Ocean like palm-fringed mounds of paradise, the islands of Hawaii add a new twist on the concept of “Americana.” Like no other state, Hawaii is purely tropical, surrounded by water on all sides, and deep-rooted in Polynesian culture. Things to do in Hawaii are as diverse as the landscape, with tropical rainforests, towering volcanoes, lava fields, sea mountains, waterfalls and deep canyon gorges providing endless days of exploration and discovery.

Kauai Vacation Ideas for the Most Serene Hawaiian Vacation of a Lifetime

Kauai is a laid back Hawaiian island where no building is taller than a coconut tree. It’s the oldest of the Hawaiian Islands and is packed with natural wonders and old-world charm. Kauai beaches offer some of the most stunning views, while Kauai hikes will take you through jungle fauna and amongst waterfalls.

Best Vacation Ideas for a Fun Waikiki Beach Vacation

So, you’re thinking of planning a trip to Waikiki Beach? Well, you’re not alone. Waikiki Beach, which is located in the shadow of Diamond Head, is one of the biggest tourist attractions in Oahu. It combines idyllic beaches and clear waters that are perfect for a day of relaxing, but also features a variety of Waikiki tourist attractions and activities that you will never forget. If you are looking for some top-notch Waikiki vacation ideas, keep reading.

Visit Pearl Harbor: Support Our Fallen While Visiting Hawaii

As one of the most significant historical landmarks in the United States, Pearl Harbor transports visitors to a time and place that forever changed the course of world events. The bombing of the USS Arizona and dozens of other vessels in 1941 spurred America to finally join Allied troops in World War II. That momentous day comes alive as you visit Pearl Harbor.