Alexandria Attractions - Things to Do in Alexandria, Virginia

Nestled on the southern banks of the Potomac River, the Old Town of Alexandria, Virginia is a vibrant destination within striking distance of Washington, D.C, but a world away. The narrow cobblestone lanes of the Old Town are preserved historical treasures (George Washington once lived here!) now packed with top chef-owned restaurants, designer brands, boutique galleries, and a laid back atmosphere that will have you never wanting to leave.

Captivating Festivals in Charlottesville That Will Leave a Lasting Impression

Charlottesville, Virginia is a mix of historic charm and rustic beauty, but there are many more things to do in Charlottesville than touring historical attractions and wineries. In fact, there are many thrilling Charlottesville festivals that can add even more excitement to your Charlottesville vacation. If you are looking for Charlottesville vacation ideas, check out one of these captivating festivals.

Vacation Ideas for the Historically Charming Charlottesville

Charlottesville is a charming city located in Virginia. Home to the University of Virginia, this historic city will captivate you from start to finish. There are so many things to see and do in Charlottesville, and festivals to explore, that it can be difficult to choose the best tourist attractions. That’s why we’ve broken down a list of the top things to do in Charlottesville, VA so you can have a true Wahoo-style experience.

Heart of the Appalachian: The Blue Ridge Mountains

The Blue Ridge Mountains lie to the east of the Appalachian Mountains in the eastern United States. To many they appear on a map as the eastern foothills of the Appalachians, on the other side of the Great Appalachian Valley, but they are in fact a different range, albeit connected. Lying between the Appalachians and the Piedmont plain, the Blue Ridge Mountains contain eastern North America’s highest mountains south of Baffin Island.