• Abraham Lincoln Museum – Watch History Come To Life at this Illinois Attraction

Abraham Lincoln Museum – Watch History Come To Life at this Illinois Attraction

Abraham Lincoln Museum – Watch History Come To Life at this Illinois Attraction

Sun, 11/11/2018 - 21:57
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Come to the Abraham Lincoln Museum and discover that history is not just a dull timeline of events; it is so much more. History is full of stories about people who we all can relate to.

There are stories of people who overcame tremendous obstacles; there are stories of people who moved technology towards what we have today with their creative inventions; there are stories of people who created new nations. Abraham Lincoln was one of these people who played a key part in creating a renewed nation. So many stories are part of Abraham Lincoln’s life and the times in which he lived. The Abraham Lincoln museum is a wonderful place where these stories are brought to life in an imaginative way.

Help your children be enthusiastically engaged in learning about history by seeing and hearing the stories come to life. The Abraham Lincoln Museum will show them and tell them the stories. History will come to life when they are greeted by sight of the life-size models of Abraham Lincoln with his family. It is just so much more engaging to see an example of their clothing up close and life-size than by looking at a book. There are life-size models of other figures from that time in history also.

Real every day artifacts from the Abraham Lincoln household are exhibited; Mary Todd Lincoln’s music box, for example. There are many artifacts from their household which are displayed at different times so the exhibit varies from one visit to the next. Perhaps some of the Lincoln children’s toys will be on display to engage children in the exhibit.

Experience History at the Abraham Lincoln Museum

While touring the museum visitors get the feeling they are right there where and when history happened. Displayed in the museum are dioramas and scenes of significant areas of the White House. Visitors can experience the feeling of being right there at the place where historical decisions were made.

Scenes have been created of some of the important locations of events in Abraham Lincoln’s life. These are portrayed throughout the museum. For example the box he sat in at Ford’s Theater is recreated in one scene. Imagine how close one can feel to the shooting when standing right in Ford’s Theater by the presidential box. Many artifacts from Abraham Lincoln’s presidential life are displayed in these scenes at the Abraham Lincoln Museum.

Permanent Exhibits

The permanent exhibits at the Abraham Lincoln Museum include first, displays about his life up to the time he became president. Included in this exhibit is a replica of the log cabin where he lived as a boy. The cabin even has a yard with replicas of actual trees from that part of Illinois. Visitors can ponder and be inspired by seeing how Abraham Lincoln reached the White House from his start in this cabin. Children can feel close to Abraham Lincoln as a boy and become engaged in the story of his life. Once they are engaged learning history becomes enjoyable.

The second permanent exhibit portrays Lincoln’s life during his presidency. Scenes of his life are recreated in a series of dioramas; some involve his family and some involve his interactions with the public. Visitors can take in and feel part of scene after scene including experiencing a slave auction and the moment when John Wilkes Booth enters the box at Ford’s theater. Imagine how powerful this will fell.

A third permanent exhibit is called the Treasures Gallery. There is a permanent display that uses television clips to show the progress of the Civil War and another that uses television clips to show how the battle lines shifted during the Civil War. There are also two 4D theaters where one can watch more stories from the Civil War and more stories about Abraham Lincoln.

Temporary Exhibits at This Illinois Attraction

Some exhibits at the Abraham Lincoln Museum are changed throughout the year. The major temporary exhibit right now until November 15, 2015: “With Firmness in the Right: Lincoln and the Jews.” The motivation behind this display was the book: “Lincoln and the Jews: A History” by Jonathan D. Sarna and Benjamin Shapell. The exhibit includes documents and other artifact to show that Abraham Lincoln had a positive relationship with Jewish people at a time they were faced with antisemitism. He was steadfast in demanding fair treatment for Jewish people by his government. During this exhibit there are some special speakers to elaborate on Lincoln’s relationship with Jewish people and the impact that has had.

Events at the Abraham Lincoln Museum

The Museum has special events from time to time in addition to special exhibits. The Abraham Lincoln museum will be hosting a Civil War Era ball. Visitors who purchase tickets will dress in period costume. They will dance to authentic music from the time period. Some of the instruments the band will use are the actual antique instruments.