• Great Attractions in Florida for an Unforgettable Vacation

Great Attractions in Florida for an Unforgettable Vacation

Great Attractions in Florida for an Unforgettable Vacation

Thu, 01/24/2019 - 20:48
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Florida is one of the most beautiful states in the US. While Florida may be unique in many ways, what really distinguishes the state is its touristic features. These features make Florida tourism a must. You only need to be persuaded to come to Florida once and you are sure to make it a regular affair thereafter. With so many amazing Florida attractions to visit, you won’t know where to go first!

Florida Attractions for Nature Lovers

Florida is one of the best locations for tourism because of its numerous attractions and activities. Known as the Sunshine State, Florida has something for everyone. However, it’s natural tourist attractions might be some of the best.

One of the centers of attraction in Florida is Amelia Island. Amelia Island is a beautiful sea island that houses Fernandina Beach, a small beautiful beach with about 50 buildings, wonderful eateries, and several golf courses. Imagine enjoying great breakfast within the serene ambience of Amelia Island followed by wonderful sessions of golf games.

Have you heard of Fort Lauderdale? This beach is another gift of nature to Florida. It is located in Fort Lauderdale, a city tagged “Venice of America” because of its massive size and highly complex canal system. The city is known for all its magnificent beaches, one of which is Fort Lauderdale Beach, which is the biggest and the most beautiful. Close to this beach are fantastic restaurants, beach shops and accommodation with peaceful ambiance.

Things to Do in Florida – Man Made Wonders

Florida does not only have natural gifts, it also has several man-made “wonders”. And one of them is Castillo De San Marcos. There is nothing about the fortress called Castillo De San Marcos that indicates that it was built in the later part of the sixteenth century. This great building is located in St. Augustine and has a diamond shape to maximize its firepower. Its walls are about 14 feet thick, which is a major reason for its longevity. Its unique beautiful design coupled with its longevity makes Castillo De San Marcos a great Florida tourist attraction.

If you are looking for Florida vacation ideas, another great location that would be of interest to tourists is the Universal Orlando Resort. This resort is one of the outstanding features of Florida tourism. Universal Orlando Resort is made up of two theme parks which are the Islands of Adventure and Original Universal studios. Orlando Resort also has an attractive nightclub complex and three world class hotels with state-of-the-art facilities. Suffice to say the fun in this location is never ending no matter what time of the day it is.

One other major attraction in Florida is Walt Disney World. It is the most famous tourist center in the world and you will find five parks full of amazing activities and fun. It lies in Lake Buena Vista very close to Orlando. It is also known to be the most visited resort in the world. The major “pillars” of Walt Disney World are five magnificent theme parks. Visitors besiege these parks so often that some other visitors see them as being too crowded.

Attractions in Florida for a Dose of History & Science

You may be wondering if dinosaurs ever existed or it is just a myth. Well, the Dinosaur World in Plant city is all you need to be convinced. It is the largest dinosaur dominated outdoor museum. It offers several life sizes of over 160 dinosaur replicas and each replica represents a dinosaur species that once lived on earth. The park also offers a well-stocked souvenir shop with dinosaur related items. Apart from the museum at the epicenter of the Dinosaur World, the park also features several fossil digs and some reconstructed caves.

Another great location that receives visitors every time of the year is the Kennedy Space Center. Built in 1968, this Florida attractions is a launch site for rockets. The center is a big complex that offers a rocket garden, museums, movies, and bus tours of historic and significant facilities for preparing and launching of space shuttles. What makes this facility one of a kind for Florida tourism is the fact that tourists are allowed to witness the launching of a rocket if schedules align. Albeit you’ll watch it from about 4 miles away as a safety measure, but it’s still an amazing experience that you won’t soon forget.

While these are some of the top Florida tourist attractions, this is by no means all that Florida has to offer. There are many more Florida attractions awaiting tourists that venture to the sunshine state. If you are interested in more Florida vacation ideas, why not book your reservation now and peruse our other Florida articles to plan your trip!