• New York City Tourist Attractions – Top NYC Activities for All to Enjoy

New York City Tourist Attractions – Top NYC Activities for All to Enjoy

New York City Tourist Attractions – Top NYC Activities for All to Enjoy

Fri, 02/22/2019 - 21:38
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New York City is considered to be a hot spot and among the must visit places for travelers in the United States. Deemed the city that never sleeps, NYC is a wonderful place to visit by people of all ages looking for a unique and memorable experience. Besides the different interesting and popular New York City attractions located here, this city is also the definition of modernism, tolerance and multiculturalism. Knowing the top attractions and the different activities to undertake in New York City can make for a fun, exciting and a memorable trip. That is because visiting the different New York tourist attractions is sure to create a vacation that you will cherish for a lifetime.

Historical New York City Attractions

The Statue of Liberty is undoubtedly is one of the favorite New York tourist attractions for those coming from all parts of the world. It is among the well-known symbols of the US. Tourists are allowed to take pictures, venture to the top of the statue on the observation deck. You will need to take a ferry service to the Statue of Liberty, though.

Central Park is another New York City thing to do. It has been seen in many Hollywood movies and is among the most beautiful and visited places of the city. It features a garden, boathouse, lake and other interesting attractions. If you want to escape for a bit of tranquility, this is definitely a NYC attraction to visit.

If you want a glimpse of dinosaur skeletons, old artifacts and other interesting objects, then the American Natural History Museum is a must visit attraction in New York City. There are different types of exhibits to explore at this famous NYC tourist attraction.

The World Trade Center is another historical New York City attraction. Also known as Ground Zero, this is one of the top attractions in NYC. Since 9/11, its popularity has increased immensely, with people from all over the world trying to stop at the place and paying their respects to those innocent people, who died here. The National 911 Memorial Museum is another NYC attraction for those interested in 9/11. The 911 Memorial Museum displays artifacts which are associated with 9/11 events, thereby making it one of the most important New York tourist attractions for every tourist.

Times Square is important place to visit and one of the most popular places for tourists to explore in New York City. This place lures pop culture lovers, and tourists can find all types of stores, shops, and coffee cafes to indulge in.

Things to Do in New York City for Families

New York City is a great place for families to explore together. Not only is the city teeming with great historical tourist attractions, but there are many fun tourist attractions in New York City for families.

The Staten Island Ferry is one great attraction for people visiting the city with kids. Tourists can take a trip using the ferry service and enjoy the beautiful view of the harbor and its surroundings.

Yankee Stadium is another classic NYC attraction for sports fans. The stadium is full of history and also an architectural marvel. Plus, if you take your kids to a ballgame, they’ll be sure to remember for a lifetime.

For an interesting museum dedicated to space shuttles, submarines and aircrafts, the Intrepid Sea, Space and Air Museum is another fantastic New York City attraction for kids.

The Chrysler Building is another good choice. It is the world’s tallest standing brick building and also an impressing NYC skyscraper. Tourists can enjoy and admire its architectural beauty while taking in some amazing NYC views.

For families in New York City, Coney Island is one of the top NYC tourist attractions. Located in Brooklyn, this amusement park is something kids will love. Also, the tourist can enjoy relaxing at the seaside resort. It is indeed a beautiful as well as relaxing place, where the entire family can have a great time together.

New York Attractions for Art & Culture

For those looking for a dose of art and culture in NYC, the Metropolitan Art Museum is a great choice. Regarded as one of the world’s top ten biggest museums, this stunning art museum is a must visit NYC attraction. Here, you can admire over two million objects as well as artifacts from across the globe and time periods.

Broadway is another famous New York City attraction. There are plenty of things to be done and seen here, but most notably this is the go-to place to see amazing shows and musicals. You can also shop your favorite brand or stop for coffee in an authentic New York Style cafe.

Last but not least, the Neue Galerie is another great New York City tourist attraction. Great for anyone with a keen interest in architecture and art, here you can admire art works created by Austrian and German expressionist artists, like Paul Klee.

With so many things to do in New York City, you’re in for an amazing vacation. All that’s left to do now is pack your bags and head out for the trip of a lifetime!