• Orlando Florida Attractions – Must see attractions during your trip

Orlando Florida Attractions – Must see attractions during your trip

Orlando Florida Attractions – Must see attractions during your trip

Sat, 11/24/2018 - 17:50
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Orlando is considered to be among the most important cities of Florida. As a matter of fact, the innumerous Orlando Florida Attractions is what lures tourists from all parts of the world to visit this city, at least once in a lifetime.

Important Orlando Florida Attractions that should not be missed out

Some of the main must see attractions at this place are mentioned below:

  • Walt Disney World: It is regarded to be the largest in the world and also the most visited of all recreational resorts in the United States boasting of having 2 water parks, 4 themed parks, 24 onsite themed hotels, including other recreational and entertainment venue present throughout the whole resort complex. This place is a real delight for tourists of all ages. Walt Disney World is to be located to the southwest of Orlando. Any person dreaming to visit Disney World should visit the place.
  • Universal Studios: A well known theme park resort and also the second largest in Greater Orlando. This resort boasts of having two themed parks, where tourists can enjoy thrilling rides in any of the two themed parks present here.
  • Sea World Orlando: It is a beautiful themed zoological park based upon marine life. It was selected as 7th most popular amusement parks of the US in 2009. Here, one can enjoy whale shows, swim with the dolphins and check out aquariums.
  • Gatorland: This is a popularly visited wildlife preserve and themed park located along with South-Orange Blossom Trail and an important attraction. Gatorland comprises of thousands of crocodiles and alligators, breeding marsh filled with observation tower and boardwalk, reptile shows, petting zoo, aviary, educational programs and swamp walk.
  • Skyscrapers: They are a common and provide an attractive view in and around Orlando. In Metro Orlando, tourists can come across 71 completed skyscrapers and enjoy its beauty. Most are located within downtown Orlando.
  • Silver Springs: It is considered to be the world’s largest formation of artesian spring. It has been attracting visitors in huge numbers right from mid 19th century. The tourists can go boating and enjoy the underwater marine life here.
  • Kennedy Space Center: It is located on Florida’s Merritt Island and is base for our country’s three shuttles. Tourists can explore the launch areas, experience space food and train using spaceflight simulators to have an actual feeling of astronauts in space. If lucky, one may also get to view an actual launch.
  • Wonderworks: It is regarded to be among those famous houses located in Orlando and offers the tourists with more than 100 exhibits as well as interactive excitement and fun. These are aimed towards entertaining and educating people of all ages. Also, are present hilarious dinner shows, combining magic and comedy for entertaining guests while they eat delicious food, a 4-D theater and Lazer Tag.
  • Orlando Science Center: It is a fun science center, where tourists can try out their desires, which generally is not allowed at home. Moreover, one can have a view of the stars from Florida’s largest refractor telescope.
  • Orange-Tree Golf Club: It is considered to be among the very best golf courses that Florida takes pride in. Hence, if the tourist is an avid golfer, then this is the place to be.

Nightlife in Orlando

Besides the theme parks and resorts, Orland does have plenty of other things to offer. Its nightlife can be enjoyed by both couples and singles to their satisfaction. One can come across several star restaurants, serving some of the best food of the region. Also, tourists can enjoy visiting a whole range of nightclubs, located surrounding the city. The weather here is almost sunny always and hence, does allow the tourists to take part in all types of attractions at any time of the year.

Other attractions to indulge in Orlando

The other exciting destinations and Orlando Florida Attractions that are worth checking out  tend to include the numerous water parks located within and surrounding the Orlando region. Apart from all the above, there are also present few other smaller attractions that should be visited during the trip. They are often overlooked by tourists and can be less crowded than those big ones.

  • Legoland: This place is known to offer excitement and fun, similar to that of the ones being enjoyed in Europe and is the latest addition to the city. Presently, it is the world’s largest LEGOLAND Park and features different LEGO attractions and Kingdoms, and an ideal park for visiting with young children.
  • Aquatica: It is located right behind Sea World, offering tourists with numerous Southern-Pacific theme sliders and pools that can be enjoyed immensely to beat the sunny heat of Orlando. The most popular Orlando Florida Attractions include the Dolphin plunge slides which witnesses people being hurtled down tubes and slides through Commerson’s dolphin pools.

In short, if visiting themed parks with the entire family is the objective, then Orlando is undoubtedly the best destination to be selected for vacation, as it does boast of having plenty of Orlando Florida Attractions and activities suited to everyone.